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April 7, 2017  

Gareth gets subjected to Danish psychobilly trio Batmobile by Richard, but how can he stay mad? Richard has finally, after many many (many many) years finished Twin Peaks will his review of that iconic series hold up to his best work on this very show?

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March 31, 2017  

the guys review the new james mercer record and gab alot... so, the usual... the pre(r)amble is a little long to say the least and we end up discussing the locust,take a worm to walk week, desalvo and dad's army so... the usual...

March 23, 2017  

There is a... breezy loucheness to this episode which was not only a pain to edit around but also impossible to hide... but hey, they can't all be gold... 

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March 19, 2017  

Richard has to redo a review of Khalid's American Teen because Gareth is a terrible technician, but they'd rather talk about mangos and other fruits...

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March 10, 2017  

Richard & Gareth listen to BTS AKA Bangtan Boys AKA Bangtan Sonyeondan AKA Bōdan Shōnendan AKA Bulletproof Boy Scouts second album You Never Walk Alone.  

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next time?  who knows Richard doesn't...

March 8, 2017  

oh the rambling... this is raw audio no edits...

March 3, 2017  

notes to follow 

March 1, 2017  

What is happening? Neither Gareth or Richard have slept, Gareth sips coffee like a monster and changes topic on a whim.  Richard loves BLUE JUICE, tells a sad story about chewing gum stomach webs and threatens to finish Twin Peaks.  Is Batfink inherently racist? Should Chinese lolographic text be described in minute detail?  Or be incorrectly described as kanji? (no.)

and at some point they need to get to that review...

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next time: Surferblood - Snowdonia


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February 24, 2017  



Gareth & Richard get flashbacks to early 90's dance and mid 90's trip-hop while listening to The XX

February 22, 2017  

Richard and Gareth review the third Japandroids album...


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