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June 15, 2017  

Gareth's Choice. (notes to follow)

June 14, 2017  

Richards choice.  (notes to follow)

June 9, 2017  

Gareths choice. Richard talks trains and Can't Stop The Music, Gareth gets distracted by Twin Peaks...

June 7, 2017  

Richard picks the album, Gareth tries to improve the sound quality of the podcast.



June 2, 2017  

(notes to follow)

May 31, 2017  

Gareth dragged Richard to a gig... with hilarious consequences...


May 26, 2017  

 Richard's choice.  We have a listen to the new  album by Incubus.  Gareth has the sniffles, Richard wants to go to Tim Hortons.


Rate & review. Give us 5 stars...


May 21, 2017  

today is the 20th anniversary of the release of OK Computer, well... in Japan, so Richard and Gareth are releasing a review over the four sides of vinyl that the 1997 Radiohead classic comes on.  As always there are digressions and side-steps onto Immorten Joe, Sauerkraut, and Fisher Stevens...


Outro piano Kai Schumacher



May 19, 2017  

"I'm sorry for the length of this podcast i did not have the time to edit a short one" Mark Twain


Gareth's choice.  There's probably alot of bluster but i haven't listened yet we can all have a listening party together, won't that be fun?


Next Time: Radiohead - OK Computer: Eeny

Then: Incubus - 8

THEN: At The Drive-In - in*ter a*li*a



*wipes away sweat*


May 15, 2017  

Richard and Gareth have been pressured to record an intro so for the second time (see back to 2012 for the original debacle) they fumble their way around recording something...


next episode Sadistik - Altars


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