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December 1, 2016  

part of the 2016 aural pleasure catchup

February 26, 2016  

Richard & Gareth review The Life of Pablo while going on their usual digressions.  It's as ramshackle as ever.

This album actually breaks our rules as now it is exclusively streaming on Tidal.  But it wasn't going to be so, go over there and subscribe if you want to listen to it.
next time: pt. 2
reccomendations: i recommend you learn a little patience!!!
December 30, 2014  

Christmas stuff you should have received on the day...  save it for next year it won't go off!!!

December 29, 2014  

@RDdotC & @GDdotT take a Johnny Cash Christmas CD for a spin.

Please note:  They usually love Johnny Cash... (oh! SPOILERS)
December 28, 2014  

like yesterdays with less interruptions...

December 27, 2014  

@GDdotT plays @RDdotC music, @RDdotC does not appreciate this... at times @GDdotT misses @The_Kiv...

December 26, 2014  

As you gaze through the frozen window out into the desolation and pointlessness of life, play this on repeat and think about the futility of it all...

December 25, 2014  

@RDdotC and @GDdotT get confused about the 12 days of christmas and somehow create the wrestling move The Reverse Abortion, picking up a few days later they're are told the true meaning of (the 12 days of) Christmas and are nothing but confused...

September 25, 2014  

@rddotc & @gddott catchup, it's remarkably long and offensive and there's chaff galore!

See this as our White Album take the timecodes of your favourite parts, cut it together, add into and outro music and keep it to yourself because frankly we're busy.
over 2 hours long is too much of these voices so spread this shit out.
September 25, 2014  

Practising creating chapters and the like this came into being, create your own version using itunes (or whatever) and Garageband. If there are any issues don't hesitate to contact us.

Also see it as an apology for taking forever to bring a new episode.  and an apology for the new episode when in drops later today.

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