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July 14, 2017  

Richard's choice.  Notes to follow...

July 12, 2017  

Gareth's choice.  notes to follow...

July 7, 2017  

Richard's choice, but he's tired.  Gareth's nose is still upsettingly sniffy. And everything he said about the Circle of Fifths has been cut just because you can't talk about music theory.  You need visual aids...

July 5, 2017  

Gareth has a cold and is definately in a mood.  Richard chose the record and talks about Big Mac ettiquette how it's not possible to spray things up his nose...

July 1, 2017  

the conclusion into our not very in depth but quite long discussion of OK Computer...


Coming in October: In Rainbows...

June 30, 2017  

Richard's Choice *and* he tries to sell Gareth badges.


June 28, 2017  

Gareth's choice.  Richard talks quietly about Wonder Woman while Gareth doesn't have the time to remove the chaff from this episode, so if you have any problems with it please contact the Podcast Bursar for a full refund...

June 23, 2017  

Richards Choice.  In the edit Gareth forgot to add the appropriate intro, we will get through this together.  


Next time: Uniform - Wake In Fright

June 17, 2017  

starting with Fitter, Happier Gareth and Richard are back to tackle OK Computer (released on the 20th anniversary of the canadian release, SIDE B was released on the UK anniversary, SIDE A on the Japanese anniversary). it's quite short, that'll be a bonus to some of you.

June 16, 2017  

Gareth forces Richard to listen to the second side of the Radiohead classic, with their usual digressions, also, listen to Gareth scratch his beard in stereo and drink cold coffee like a filthy, filthy nightmare...


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