APPC: Batman ‘66

2 men from Aberdeen, Scotland are supposed to be rewatching 1966’s classic TV show Batman… but they often get distracted.

Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Desser, Nico Muhly & James McAllister - Planetarium

July 28th, 2017

Richard's choice.  Gareth can't pronounce Sufjan. Richard is adamant Gareth is wrong about the planets order and is too laisse affaire about the outcome.  everyone is quite tired.  Richard needs the bathroom...


Portugal.The Man - Woodstock

July 26th, 2017

Gareth's choice.  Gareth gets distracted by the creepypasta...


Cheap Trick - We’re All Alright!

July 25th, 2017

Richards choice. Gareth has a "time problem"... actually, Gareth had a "TP" last episode. So what happens this time? Who knows! ENJOY!!


Weezer - Weezer (White)

July 23rd, 2017

Gareth's choice (of sorts)... other notes to follow... maybe...


The Strypes - Spitting Image

July 14th, 2017

Richard's choice.  Notes to follow...


Songhoy Blues - Resistance

July 12th, 2017

Gareth's choice.  notes to follow...


Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar

July 7th, 2017

Richard's choice, but he's tired.  Gareth's nose is still upsettingly sniffy. And everything he said about the Circle of Fifths has been cut just because you can't talk about music theory.  You need visual aids...


Kamikaze Girls - Seafoam

July 5th, 2017

Gareth has a cold and is definately in a mood.  Richard chose the record and talks about Big Mac ettiquette how it's not possible to spray things up his nose...


radiohead - OK Computer: SIDE D (mo)

July 1st, 2017

the conclusion into our not very in depth but quite long discussion of OK Computer...


Coming in October: In Rainbows...