APPC: Batman ‘66

2 men from Aberdeen, Scotland are supposed to be rewatching 1966’s classic TV show Batman… but they often get distracted.

A Change in Dynamic In An Aeroplane Over The Sea(S02E11)

March 28th, 2013

Recorded on the 17/1/13 before the Oscars and during the visit of Ang GD.T's first flatmate in Aberdeen (1997-2000).  There is Alcohol (not for you Cockburn), Party Rings, Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Pretzels AND Pretzel M&M's which frankly is a little louche... it's like when I was growing up (this is GD.T BTW) and my sister Caron would only eat Daddies Ketchup meaning that a family trapped in poverty had TWO different types of ketchup making us the unsung kings of the council estate.  People would come up to the house and just fall to their knees eyes glazed arms reaching out as if to grab an invisible baby...  This may lead to the end of the apocalypse...  I believe that house still feeds off the life force of my family because my Niece and her husband recently moved into the same house out of ALL OF THE HOUSES IN LOWESTOFT SUFFOLK.  It's a little weird... though it's probably just a coincidence...  I seem to have digressed somewhat...

Right, yeah, so Ang came by we did our usual thing BUT there were technical difficulties extractor fans and heating were constantly turned on and off and I think the best way to imagine this is if we are on the plane at the beginning of Dark Knight Rises (the most over-rated film of last year?) so just think of us in an areoplane... over... the sea...  where's that Neutral Milk Hotel record...

But I digress...  this got a little long...  I should probably edit this to make it slightly humorous or concise... not happening


S02E10: Street Wolf Rider Vs. Nicholas Lyndhurst

March 8th, 2013

GD.T and Cockburn get trapped by 80's television and end up taking a dream trip to memory lane until they begin to over think their favourite shows and it forms an amorphous cloud of nightmarish terror!!!