APPC: Batman ‘66

2 men from Aberdeen, Scotland are supposed to be rewatching 1966’s classic TV show Batman… but they often get distracted.

Season Two: Three - Surfing the Ring of Introitus

June 12th, 2012

Wow.  Ok.  The second year of Podcrastination has been sporadic at best thank God we don’t have any regular listeners.  But to any irregular listeners we apologize.

Now buried in this third episode is some of the most schizophrenic and offensive material that GDT and Richard have ever committed to ones and zeros; you wouldn’t think it; it starts off innocently enough tap dancing around Star Wars and buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken but ends up moving 1/16 of an inch around the ring of introtus.

The editing of this episode took 8 hours over 10 weeks editing 2 hours down to 30 minutes.  This possibly explains the haphazard tone.


Star Wars

Parallel  Parking

KFC trays


Gorilla Monsoon

Dressing Gowns

Restrictive Breathing

Marty McFly’s Straightjacket


NB:  Any family listening to this podcast probably do not want to listen to this podcast.