APPC: Batman ‘66

2 men from Aberdeen, Scotland are supposed to be rewatching 1966’s classic TV show Batman… but they often get distracted.

Season Two: Two - Disavowed

March 18th, 2012

Recorded on 28/2/12.

Dook talks to Richard about his limited knowledge of "Chick Flicks" or "Women's Pictures" if you will.  But just like people seem to confuse "Political Correctness Gone Mad" with the "Health & Safety Act 1974" so Dook stirs Rom-Coms and Dramedys into the mix.  They then batter a their usual series of digressions and create some woefully confusing metaphors...

Also included: What Richard Starsky would be called if a woman.

Not included:  The realisation that the opposite of a 'Chick Flick' is simply porn or a 'Dick Flick' if you prefer...